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Bath Salt

7 Signs of Bath Salt Abuse

Bath salts are a class of designer drug. The name derives from cases where the fancy dress drugs were disguised as bath salts in public settings. The salts, flakes, or crystal beads often look very similar to Epsom salts but are different chemically. Designer bath salts are becoming more popular as a popular alternative medicine choice for consumers who prefer to treat themselves without having to visit their doctor. These are very popular with men because they have a pungent taste and a strong aroma that are difficult to control with other drugs. The salts create a highly relaxing environment that encourages restful sleep and relaxation.

There are many signs of using bath salts in a fatal fashion. The first sign is unexpected weight loss. If your loved one is suddenly losing weight, especially after eating normally, they may be suffering from a bath salt intoxication. When this happens your loved one should immediately call for help or call for emergency services.

The second sign is changes in behavior. The chemicals known as Epsom salts and bath salts are highly addictive. Because of this, addiction is very common and it is very easy to become addicted to these designer drugs when there are not other drugs present. Many addicts will try to overdose on these bath salts in an attempt to get the highly desirable effects of euphoria and relaxation.

The third sign is strange behaviors and irritability. The stimulant properties of bath salts cause a mental high that surpasses many common forms of highs. People become extremely irritable because the drug amplifies their stimulation level and reduces feelings of anxiety, depression, and restlessness. The irritability can reach boiling point and cause individuals to become violent, combative, or violent out of control.

The fourth sign is drastic personality change. This may include paranoia and depression. The chemicals in bath salts are highly addicting and if taken in great enough doses can completely alter the user’s personality. It can result in extreme actions such as hallucination or violent outbursts. Sometimes the user will act as if they are involved in a manic episode, believing they are having a heart attack.

The fifth sign is severe changes in behavior. Like the other substances already mentioned, bath salt drugs can cause serious changes in the user. These substances can drive a person’s thoughts into either higher or lower states. They can also drive people to do things they normally would not do. The substance also alters the brain chemistry so it becomes much more difficult to function throughout the day.

The sixth sign is that a person can experience strange auditory hallucinations. The user may hear things that aren’t there, and they may seem to be coming from all different directions. This can be extremely dangerous, because when a person is suffering from a mental health disorder, any discrepancies they may experience will be magnified.

If you or someone you know has symptoms of a psychosis-like state then it’s important to see a doctor right away. Some common signs of a bath salts-induced psychosis include auditory hallucinations, paranoia, severe mood swings, extreme optimism, and violent behavior. These symptoms can be very serious if they are left untreated, so it’s recommended that treatment be sought as soon as possible.

The seventh symptom that is caused by abuse is depression. People will often turn to this substance to help them deal with certain problems in their life. The symptoms that result from abusing these products include being irritable, depressed, anxious, and feeling hopeless. They can also develop substance withdrawal symptoms if they aren’t able to get their supply of the substance. The more they use it, the worse it can get.

The last of the seven symptoms of bath salts abuse is experiencing allergic reactions. These symptoms include nasal congestion, itchy eyes, runny and stuffy nose, headaches, throat problems, and more. Most users will not experience any adverse effects from these substances, but occasionally they can lead to adverse effects. The most common adverse effects from using these products is irritation to the eyes.

The seventh sign is that bath salts may cause sleep disturbances. This can make it difficult to function during the day and be successful at work or school. When you have to take frequent naps because you are trying to sleep, you are not going to be as productive as you otherwise would be. These substances also cause loss of appetite, which leads to weight loss.