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Airbnb enhanced cleaning is a process which involves sanitizing the room, including cleaning the floors. The guest can request to have this service performed before or after their stay at the property. This is a service that is available for those who are certified hosts. To become a certified host, follow the instructions in the checklist below.

Clean before sanitization

There are several prongs to Airbnb’s cleaning policy. These include the Enhanced Clean, which is a set of guidelines and recommendations for hosts. Using this guide, Airbnb can highlight maintenance issues before guests arrive and ensure that a host’s property is cleaned thoroughly.

This initiative was developed in partnership with Ecolab, the world’s leading provider of hygiene technologies. The handbook contains a set of room-by-room checklists, as well as instructions on how to clean and sanitize a room.

While Airbnb does not require hosts to use a cleaning program, it does ask them to commit to a five-step cleaning process. These instructions include using a mask, keeping a distance from high-touch surfaces, and using a chemical disinfectant.

Airbnb hosts will receive a handbook and a video to guide them through the cleaning process. They will also be required to adhere to local and state cleaning laws. If a host does not meet these standards, he or she will be banned from hosting.

Extend extenuating circumstances

The big daddy of all mobile apps, Airbnb is rolling out a suite of new programs to keep their users happy and dry. These include the latest iteration of the popular service called Superhost, a new branded credit card, and a revamped user experience that will be rolled out to all users in the coming months. One of the best parts about these changes is that hosts can finally ditch the shackles and live life on their terms. The newfound latitude should also go a long way towards keeping guests happy. As we all know, a good guest experience is the holy grail of travel experiences. In short, the company has a lot of good stuff to say, but a lot to do, and hosts and guests alike will have to make the best of it all. Besides, a lot of the cool new offerings will be free for the foreseeable future.

Become a certified host

Airbnb has announced the Enhanced Cleaning Initiative, which is a set of new cleaning guidelines. The initiative has been created with leading experts in hospitality, health, and hygiene.

The goal is to make sure that guests are well-taken care of during their stay. It includes a five-step procedure and social distancing policies. Hosts who follow the program can also display a “Cleaning Protocol” badge on their listing pages.

To become a certified host for the Enhanced Cleaning Initiative, hosts must enroll in the program and meet specific requirements. They must also complete a quiz and sign an attestation of their commitment to the new standards. After passing the quiz, they will receive an enhanced cleaning checklist and a cleaning icon on their listing page.

In addition to following the cleaning protocol, hosts must also follow local laws and regulations. For example, in Mainland China, hosts are required to follow the local health authority’s guidelines.


If you’re an Airbnb host, you can use an Airbnb cleaning checklist to ensure your property is ready for your next guests. You can check off items on the list and then run a quick cleaning through. This will help you ensure your property is ready to impress your next guests.

Using a checklist will allow you to achieve consistent results. It also creates a lasting relationship with your customers.

Enhanced cleaning is a new program offered by Airbnb. The new program requires all hosts to adhere to a five-step process. They will be provided with a cleaning handbook, articles, and tools to help them meet the new standards. In addition to ensuring your property is clean, the initiative can also highlight any maintenance problems before guests arrive.

Once you’ve committed to the Enhanced Cleaning Protocol, you’ll receive a special callout on your listing. Additionally, your listing will be highlighted in searches and you will get a badge stating you’ve enrolled in the program.