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Boxford is a town located in Essex County, Massachusetts, with a population that is expected to reach 8,203 by 2020. If you are planning a visit to this town, you may want to check out the Long Hill Orchard, the Boxford Public Library, or the Witch Hollow Farm.

Long Hill Orchard

If you love apples, then Long Hill Orchard is one of the places to visit in Boxford Massachusetts. It’s the fourth generation owner of this orchard and offers a variety of varieties of the apple. The farm also makes award-winning cider doughnuts and sells wine and produce from its own vineyard in an 1800s barn.

Located in East Boxford, this post-and-beam home is on six acres of land. While it’s surrounded by a large number of new houses, it has an air of class and elegance. The home is beautifully designed, with a perfect flow throughout.

Another interesting place to visit in Boxford is the Holyoke-French House. This house is maintained by the Boxford Historical Society and is located at 2 Topsfield Road. It was originally built in 1760 and was owned by the Holyoke family until 1866. In 1866, it was purchased by Elvin French, who bequeathed it to the town. Several artifacts from that time period are preserved inside this home.

If you want to walk or bike through the town’s rural countryside, the Off Ipswich Rd. Conservation Area is another area to visit. This town-owned land is an area where residents can enjoy the beauty of nature. The area is home to a beaver dam, many lily pads, and other invasive plant materials.

The Long Hill Orchard is open daily, and has a variety of seasonal products and produce. During the fall and winter, the farm also hosts seasonal activities. One can enjoy apple picking, pumpkin picking, and even a holiday party. The farm is also open for lunch.

Another place to visit in Boxford is the Davis Hayfield, located at the corner of Main St. and Middleton Rd. It is part of the historic Boxford Village Historic District and is up for sale. It is located between the Boxford State Forest and the John Phillips Wildlife Sanctuary.

Nearby attractions include the SS Wakefield YMCA, which is located on 35 acres. The camp is handicapped-accessible and is an international over-night camp.

Boxford Public Library

One of the best places to visit in Boxford is its public library, which is located inside town hall. Boxford is part of the 6th congressional district, which means it is represented by the U.S. Representative, Seth Moulton. The town also has a junior and senior senator in the form of Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey.

Boxford’s public library has recently undergone a renovation, with new spaces and a clearer map to guide visitors. The new space looks quite different than the old library and town office space. Even though the Library will be closed on Monday, you can still visit on Tuesday, May 30, beginning at 9 am.

The library offers a variety of programs for families with children. These programs cover everything from behavior issues to special needs. The library also offers curriculum ideas, educational activities, and more. These programs are free and open to the public and are great for children of all ages.

Boxford Village Historic District

One of the most fascinating places to see in Boxford, Massachusetts is its historic Village Historic District. This area is home to several buildings of interest, including the former Fleece Inn, which dates back to the fifteenth century. The area is also home to several mills, including the Diamond Match Company’s early location.

The Boxford Village Historic District covers the early center of Boxford, Massachusetts and extends from near Towne Road in the west to the Dana Road on the south. The historic district includes the intersections of Elm Street and Middleton Road, as well as Cross Street and Depot Road, and includes the Holyoke-French House. The Boxford Historical Society operates this house museum, which has many artifacts relating to the area’s history.

This area was named a Chapter 40C Historic District by the Town of Boxford on March 1, 1971. The village was built by various members of the Howe family, who were active in the shoe industry. The family had a shoe factory in the village for many years, and this business was a major part of the village’s economy.

The village has several schoolhouses that are still standing. Among these is the former Boxford schoolhouse. It was once located at 66 Main Street. After it was sold to Chester Killam at a town auction, Morse donated the school to the town and built a playground for the town’s children. The village’s narrow winding alignment makes it a scenic place to visit in Boxford Massachusetts.

The village has one library. Its West Boxford branch was closed due to financial difficulties, but the East Boxford Library remains. Currently, it’s located in a renovated house that was donated to the town in the 1940s by Miss Julia Cummings. The town hopes to build a new library on the site of the current library in the near future.

The village has a number of buildings and districts that are on the National Register of Historic Places. The Little Red Schoolhouse, which was built in the mid-19th century, is a notable example of this. It has a six-over-six window sash and a gable front.

Witch Hollow Farm

When visiting Boxford Massachusetts, you can’t miss Witch Hollow Farm. This historical site, formerly known as the Tyler-Wood House, was built in 1727 by Capt. John Tyler, the son of Moses Tyler. The property is also the site of the 1693 Salem Witch Trials, which are famous worldwide. In fact, the events surrounding the trials have inspired dozens of movies and books over the centuries.

The haunted farmhouse is located in Boxford, Massachusetts and is one of the best places to visit in the area. The house is a replica of an early 17th century colonial farm, with secret passageways that were once used by indians. The ghost of Mary Tyler, who was tried in the Salem Witch Trials in 1693, lives in the house today.

Boxford is a small town in Essex County, Massachusetts. It is home to around 8,200 residents. Although the town is a smaller town, the local government is dedicated to meeting the needs of its residents. The town offers a variety of attractions, including the Boxford State Forest and Witch Hollow Farm Trails, as well as several commercial landmarks.

The town of Boxford was originally part of the Rowley Village before the English colonization. In 1685, the town was part of the town of Rowley. Today, Boxford is home to Mount Vernon Cemetery, where Rebecca (Blake) Eames, a woman accused of witchcraft, was hanged. The original gravestone remains today in the Boxford Historical Society.

The town is divided into West Boxford Village and East Boxford Village. The town is heavily forested, with numerous streams emptying into the Ipswich River. The town is also home to many ponds. The highest natural point is Bald Hill, which rises to 243 feet. The town is near Interstate 95 and Middleton.