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Truffle is one of the most beloved gifts when it comes to Christmas. It is a very sweet and delicious snow-white dessert that is loved by many people. If you are looking for a very unusual way to make Truffle, then here is a very easy recipe for you. This is not a quick-fix but a very healthy and nutritious alternative to other high-sugar, high-calorie desserts. Since your body does require some carbs to maintain your blood glucose levels normal, this is a good option for you.

truffle salt

Real truffle salt only has real chunks of truffle meat, otherwise anything you cook with it is going to be flavored with artificial flavors. But, with just a couple of grains of truffle salt, you could already enrich the taste of whatever you cook with it. So, instead of buying expensive ingredients you have to make your own with just truffle salt and your creativity. Here are a few ideas you could try:

Salads. This is definitely an easy dish to make using truffle salt. All you need are tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, cucumber, green onions, and mayonnaise. Mix all these ingredients and let them marinate for about twenty minutes so that the flavors would meld well with the vegetables. When it’s time to serve, just pour a little bit of the salad on each plate and serve with some fresh salad greens, sliced tomatoes, and some crackers or toast.

Chicken. This is a very easy dish that you could easily make with salt. All you need are boneless, skinless chicken pieces and mix it with olive oil, lemon juice, Rosemary, garlic, chives, dill, and black truffle salt. Season the chicken with salt and cook in olive oil for two hours before removing it from the heat. Then, drain and combine the lemon juice, Rosemary, garlic, chives, dill, and black truffle salt and mix until the flavors are blended.

Fries. It’s actually quite interesting to make this with truffle salt. All you need are vegetables like potatoes, eggplant, mushrooms, and tomatoes and season them accordingly. Just leave it on the pan and fry it until the bottom is almost set, then remove it from the heat.

Fish. This is another great idea that you could do with the use of truffle salt. All you have to do is prepare your fish or chicken and season them accordingly. Then just sprinkle the salt onto it and let it cook for a couple of minutes before removing it from the heat. Another great idea is to use it with your favorite sauce.

Meat and seafood. These are also very common dishes that could benefit from the use of truffle salt. If you are looking for a real truffle flavor, make sure you buy genuine French truffle salt. You can find real sea salt or the more common pickling salt by just searching online.

When buying, look for high quality products that will not lose its flavor after several months. Also, you should know that there are many varieties available, so you should be able to get the right one for your cooking needs. Now that you know how you could get a little extra spice in your life, start experimenting with these real French truffle salt recipes. You won’t regret it.

Salads, fish, burgers and wraps. Spices sprinkled on baked potatoes, meat, cheeses and scrambled eggs are very popular these days. If you have not tried adding them to your meals yet, you should give it a shot. You might surprise yourself with the rich flavors and textures of the French truffle salt you’ll be getting with your baked potatoes, salami, fish, burgers and wraps.

Another good option would be to add a little bit of smoked paprika, thyme, basil, oregano, Rosemary, garlic and lemon to your scrambled eggs. This would be a great combination with the truffle salt since it would enhance the flavor of the eggs. In addition, sea salt works perfectly with the black truffles since it adds an intense, salty aroma. The key here is to balance the flavor so the aroma doesn’t become too overpowering.

All in all, we can say that black truffle salt definitely has its place in the culinary world. Its salty, sweet, aromatic and nutritious. It’s definitely a must-have in the kitchen. Try using this salt on your next baked potato, French fries, steak, vegetable salad, roasted chicken or pork chops to intensify the taste and to enhance the taste of the whole meal.