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There are some great country songs about North Carolina. One example is the country song “Charlotte”, which tells about the murder of Ellen Smith in the state. Several artists have recorded the song, which is based on a true story. Other country songs about North Carolina include “Carolina” by Corey Smith, “Charlotte’s in North Carolina” by Keith Whitley, and “Carolina in My Mind” by James Taylor.

Corey Smith’s “Carolina”

The song, “Carolina,” is a love song about the Carolinas. Its smooth, romantic voice, and soaring lyrics, portray a man’s love for his woman. He sings of moonshine, warm sunshine, and road trips. His narrator also mentions his affluence from his crop. As he daydreams of his future in the Carolinas, he feels the highway calling and sets out for the night.

This song introduces American bluegrass to the world. It celebrates North Carolina, and has been covered by many artists. The song is very popular and has become a classic, playing everywhere from country clubs to pop clubs. It depicts a daydreaming narrator speaking to his lover. In the beginning of the song, the narrator states that he could live in Boston or Des Moines, but his lover is in the Carolinas.

James Taylor’s “Carolina in My Mind”

James Taylor’s “Carolina in my Mind” is an evocative song that captures the homely aching of homesickness and the resplendence of a reunion. The song was written on an island off the coast of Spain, and reflects Taylor’s experiences away from home.

The lyrics describe a depressing situation. The singer says he feels like the shadow of death is hovering over him. The song references a place that he loved and spent a lot of time in, which is Carolina. Although the song is about death, it also refers to a place that was once important to him.

The song’s lyric was inspired by the poet Karin Dawson, who would be in her mid-sixties today. James Taylor’s “Carolina in my Mind” was released on February 17, 1971, and reached the top hundred on the Billboard Hot 100 chart that year. The song was a hit and rose to number 67 the same year.

Taylor has never revealed the identity of Karin. The poetically named Carolina, Karin was a beautiful young woman living in Spain. The song was written during Taylor’s addiction to heroin, and the singer hoped it would help him get clean. In the weeks after it was released, the song became a worldwide hit.

In 1976, James Taylor released a new version of “Carolina in My Mind.” This song runs three minutes longer than the original version. The new version also features a fiddle played by Byron Berline, a harmonium by Andrew Gold, and a steel guitar by Dan Dugmore. The band also contributes bass and drums.