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Himalayan pink salt has become known as a superior alternative to regular table salt for several reasons. Not only is it healthier: it contains a high concentration of natural trace minerals. While it might have some extra vitamins, overall it is a better alternative for your body and its health than typical table salt. It is also known as a detoxifier, which helps get rid of toxins from your body.

pink salt benefits

Table salt, on the other hand, is made from fossilized seawater that was once part of the ocean’s ecosystem. As time passed and new supplies of water were added, the concentration of these trace minerals in seawater was lower and it began to lose its cleansing properties. Trace minerals are important for good health and should be included in your diet. However, you don’t really need it in large amounts. For most people, that fine, pink salt from Himalayan salt provides all the trace minerals they need for a healthy diet.

Another of the many pink salt benefits is that it has trace amounts of sodium and potassium. We already know about the health benefits of sodium. But did you know that sodium is one of the key elements in detoxifying the body? Potassium is needed to help regulate blood pressure and a low potassium level can contribute to high blood pressure. Sodium is needed for many things, including nerves and muscle contraction, so taking supplemental sodium is a good idea.

Calcium and magnesium are two other minerals often found in salt, but you usually get them from your diet. You might not even recognize the minerals that are present in regular table salt, because they are so common. However, about 25% of table salt contains a substance called sodium chloride. That is the salt you will find in canned and processed foods, as well as prescription medications and medical supplies.

Potassium and magnesium are needed for strong bones and muscles, and traces of these trace elements can help prevent respiratory problems. The mineral sodium helps keep fluid out of the lungs and prevents constriction in the airways. Trace minerals can also fight against certain bacteria that causes infections of the urinary tract. So carrying around some pink salt may not seem like a big deal, but the health benefits can make a world of difference.

Although sodium chloride can be added to food without changing the flavor, it is better to choose organic products that do not use this salt, including sea salt and table salt. Organic products tend to be free of mineral contaminants and the trace elements that benefit the respiratory system. Pink salt can be added when needed to bring up the mineral level in fluid balance, which can help with congestion and other respiratory problems.