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It may sound like an unusual combination, fleur de sel and amaretto. But amaretto, which is actually a very sweet, intense flavored liquor, is actually an excellent addition to fleur de sel. Amaretto itself tastes quite good. In fact, it is very difficult to distinguish between the actual amaretto and the vino-flavored version sold in bottles today. The flavor of fleur de sel amaretto is so similar to amaretto that many people actually buy both of them for use in their cooking and baking projects.

fleur de sel

Because of its high cost relative to other coarse salts, fleur de sel is not appropriate for seasoning a meal while you prepare it. However, if you subject it to high heats during the cooking process, it will certainly melt and lose its distinctive flavor. Instead, you should use small slabs of fleur de sel that have been cut into chunks or chips. These are ideal for sprinkling on top of anything that needs some added oomph, such as fish, meat, salad, and desserts.

Fleur de sel is also often used in conjunction with table salt. It maintains the natural flavor of kosher salt by adding a bit of salty sensation to the mixture. Fleur de sel is very versatile, being able to be combined with virtually any kind of salty dish or food. You can season with fleur de sel with sea salt, rock salt, regular table salt, or even special all purpose cooking salt.

The price of fleur de sel varies according to the size and thickness of the shavings. Generally, larger pieces are sold for a higher price than thinner pieces. Most online retailers that sell this product offer free shipping to the United States and Canada. If you do not find what you are looking for at any of these retailers, many are available on the internet for purchase, but be sure to read customer reviews first to make sure that you are making a wise purchase.

There are many stories surrounding fleur de sels. One popular legend says that fleur de lis flowers were planted by angels to protect the gardens from evil spirits. Another story claims that fleur de sels were given to Jews by God as a reminder of their ancient heritage. Regardless of which of these stories is true, the fleur de lis is a symbol of France and Jewish history and is a beautiful addition to any home or garden.

You can add fleur de sels to any garden with ease. They grow well in full sun to partial shade in most environments. They prefer fertile soil with well-drained conditions. In hot weather they will move into the shade. They make a colorful addition to any patio area but must be cared for as a lawn plant. They will survive in low light, but require lots of sun and fertilizer when in the heat.