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Breaking News is a sub-genre of news that includes both continuous news updates and online live broadcast. It entails distinctive ways of knowing about public events and promises immediacy to audiences.

This study analyzes the epistemologies embedded in the production of Breaking News. It finds that the live editors at the studied news publisher rely heavily on sources, but these sources are not always accurate.

It is a humanoid Giant

Humans can grow up to about 7 feet tall without serious problems, but much taller and stronger creatures exist in science fiction and mythology. Giants are usually genetic mutants or people with hormonal disorders, but it’s possible to scale up a normal humanoid to 24 feet (180 * 64). The most important issue is cardiovascular function. At that size, the heart isn’t big enough to pump blood efficiently. The solution is probably a double-heart, one inside the head and one in the chest, connected by spiracal openings to make breathing easier. Other body parts scale fairly well. The eyes are a bit smaller proportionally, but the nose might be larger to allow better airflow.

It is a Giant with Red Dots

This creature, which is sometimes referred to as the Giant with Red Dots, is an enormous humanoid being with unusually long arms and legs. It has dark skin with clumpy patches, and its face is not visible. It has a strange ability to pull down the sky, which is not clear why. Some people speculate that it is allowing other Giants to come into the world. It may also be ascending humans that are worthy of being a Giant, using its freakishly long arms. It is not clear if this is actually what is happening, or if it is simply a weird coincidence.