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You’ve probably seen the ads about Facebook Bot, Facebook’s new chatbot designed to help Facebook users interact with their Facebook friends. But what is Facebook Bot? What does it do? Facebook Bot is a Facebook application specifically designed to facilitate communication between Facebook and its users. The name “Bot” is a portmanteau of Facebook Bot and Messenger Bot, both applications being part of Facebook’s suite of popular social networking services. (Intrigued by those examples? See our earlier article on Facebook Chatbot.)

Facebook Messenger Bot is a new Facebook Messenger program that allows Facebook users to connect with their Facebook friends in chat. Facebook Chat Bots also works as an internal integration of Facebook’s other messaging apps like Facebook Mail, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Photos. The Facebook Bot serves two functions. First, Facebook Messenger Bot allows you to chat with your Facebook friends in real time via Facebook’s messaging apps.

Second, Facebook Messenger Bot allows you to rate the Facebook Messenger Bot you have installed on your Facebook account. This functionality makes it possible for users to provide feedback on Facebook chat bots they have tested. These users can give feedback on the quality of the Facebook Bot they have installed on their Facebook account, the efficiency of the Facebook Bot, and the ease with which they could use the Facebook Messenger Bot. The Facebook Bot has several open rates for people to post feedback on the Facebook Bot they have tested.

The open rate given to Facebook Messenger Bot for being an efficient conversational interface between Facebook users and their Facebook friends is 3.5 percent. On the other hand, Facebook chat Bots provided by Facebook itself are ranked lower on the same market, at 35 percent. Facebook’s own chatbot system has several limitations that hinder its effectiveness as a conversational interface between Facebook and its users. These include: not being able to browse the News Feed when you are not connected to the internet, its inability to search through the inbox and compose text messages, and its inability to send or receive faxes.

However, Facebook Messenger Bot has an edge over chat bots as it is capable of doing more than searching through the inbox and sending and receiving messages. Facebook Messenger Bot is capable of doing tasks such as: sending and receiving messages from your Facebook friends, browsing the News Feed in Facebook, browsing your profile information and sending a message to all your Facebook friends. Furthermore, Facebook Messenger Bot provides a great customer service to its Facebook customers. Facebook Messenger Bot provides its customers with support and response to their queries within the Facebook platform itself.

In the use case that I am going to discuss, let us assume you are a Facebook user who wants to upload an image to Facebook. You want to upload an image that is not publicly available. To do so, you need to have the Facebook Messenger Bot installed on your computer. At the very least, you should be able to run the Facebook Messenger Bot as an application.

What separates Facebook Messenger Bot from other chat bots is that it integrates with both Facebook’s application and hootsuite. This integration allows it to: search for images in the news feeds, browse through the news feeds in Facebook, compose messages in Facebook, search for specific people, reply to a message from someone, post to Facebook, and integrate with Facebook’s hootsuite inbox using the handoff protocol. The fact that it integrates with both Facebook applications and hootsuite allows it to extend its functionality beyond Facebook’s limited services. In addition to the image-sharing option mentioned above, it also integrates with the Twitter and Facebook APIs. In other words, it provides customers with a full range of capabilities that other chat bots cannot do. This, in short, makes Facebook Messenger Bot a versatile tool for businesses looking to create a unified social media presence for their clients.

Facebook Messenger Bot is yet another example of Facebook’s emerging ability to extend its functionality beyond the original Facebook applications. If you have doubts about Facebook becoming the one stop shop for all purposes, then you should consider trying out Facebook Messenger Bot. While Facebook Messenger Bot may not be the best solution for your email marketing needs, it can still help boost your brand using the same strategies used by other Facebook brands that you probably know. To get more information on Facebook Messenger Bot, you can visit Facebook’s developer site.