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There are many reasons why you might want to consider hiring a cleaning service. These include the need for an affordable alternative to your own cleaning routine, the desire to have a professional come to your home, or even the necessity to have your property cleaned before a big event. It is important to make sure you find a company that is both reputable and affordable. This will ensure that your time spent looking for a cleaner is well-spent.


One of the most controversial issues with the Airbnb platform is the pricing of Airbnb cleaning services. It has been an issue that travelers have struggled with for years. Many people are frustrated because they find that the fees set by hosts can be quite aggravating.

Airbnb offers several ways to avoid being charged for cleaning services. For example, you can set up a cleaning contract with a local company. If you do this, you can negotiate a price with the company. This will ensure that you are getting a fair deal.

You can also choose to hire a professional cleaning crew. This is a more expensive option and will require you to travel to the location. However, if you have a larger property, this may be worth it.

One way to get a good handle on the price of a cleaning service is to look at the pricing of similar listings in your area. In particular, you can use PriceLabs Market Dashboards to compare the cleaning fees of comparable properties. These tools provide you with real-time data and comparative information on the market.

To determine what the best pricing for your cleaning service is, consider the size of your listing. Larger homes are going to require more cleaning. Also, you should factor in the length of your stay. As a general rule, longer stays will require a more expensive rate than shorter ones.

You might also want to consider the location of your listing. While it is a good idea to charge a good cleaning fee, you should be careful not to charge too much. Guests may be reluctant to book your place if they believe that you will overcharge them for the service.

Finally, you should consider the reviews left by previous guests. Positive reviews can help you stand out on the marketplace. Similarly, negative reviews can teach you what to improve and show you how to handle difficult situations.

Before you go live with your new listing, you should have a solid idea of what the price of a cleaning service is. It is a good idea to have a checklist to keep your cleaners on task.


An Airbnb cleaning checklist is a great tool for both hosts and cleaners. It helps you keep track of what you have done and what you need to do.

A comprehensive cleaning checklist can save you time and money. There are many ways you can create a simple checklist, including using a service such as Properly. This app will let you know exactly what you need to do on a given day.

In addition, a well-defined cleaning process will help you avoid complaints about the state of your rental. Plus, guests want a clean and attractive property, so they’ll be more likely to leave positive reviews.

Using an Airbnb cleaning checklist will also give your guests a more positive first impression. They’ll see how well you’ve tended to the little details. For example, guests will appreciate a kitchen that is clean and well-stocked.

An Airbnb cleaning checklist can be created by dividing the home into different areas. Each area should have a separate checklist to ensure that you do everything you can to make your property look and feel great.

The most important part of creating an Airbnb cleaning checklist is making sure that you have all of the appropriate cleaning supplies on hand. These include towels, toilet paper, hand soap, and any special cleaning materials you may need. Some hosts choose to print out a list of all of the things they need and keep it in an easily accessible place.

Another option is to hire a professional cleaning service. This can be a great way to take the burden of preparing your vacation rental off your shoulders. You can even delegate specific tasks to them. Having a reputable and experienced cleaning company on call will help you maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout your vacation rental.

Creating a comprehensive and detailed cleaning checklist is a great first step in making sure your property is always ready to welcome a new guest. The best part is that the process of creating it will be easier than you think.

Turnover calendars

If you use Airbnb cleaning services, you might be wondering how to share your calendar with your cleaning crew. Turnover has developed a solution for this. Using the Turnover app, you can automatically schedule your cleaners. Sync your Airbnb calendar with the app and you can send booking information to them.

While it’s possible to manually manage your cleaning calendar, it can be tedious. There’s also a risk of human error. With automated scheduling, you can avoid this problem. You can also ensure that your cleaning staff has the most accurate information.

With a turnover calendar, you can keep track of check-ins, check-outs, and other guests. You can also see your property’s availability and the number of guests in each reservation. Also, you can set up a reminder to your cleaning crew, if necessary.

Another advantage of using a Turnover calendar is that you don’t have to sign in. This means that your cleaning crew can access all of the data you need, even if you don’t log in to your account.

When you choose a Turnover cleaner, they’ll be approved and will have passed background checks. They’ll also have liability insurance coverage. These cleaning experts have experience in the short-term rental industry. As part of their package, they’ll provide a checklist with details of upcoming cleanings, options for inventory management, and special requests from guests.

Moreover, TurnoverBnB allows you to pay your cleaners with autopay. You can leave reviews and messages for them. In addition, you can report them if they do a poor job. All of this can help to ensure that you get the best quality of service for your money.

However, one of the downsides to this system is that you’ll need to share your private information with the cleaner. To avoid this, you can integrate your TurnoverBnB and Lodgify accounts. It can also be useful to create a “iCal” link.

Another option is to hire a rental property management software that can automatically send booking information to your cleaner. The best software will have a detailed cleaning checklist, including all the tasks that need to be done before and after a guest’s stay.

Financial trends

Financial trends for Airbnb cleaning services show that there has been an increase in the amount of money that is being spent on cleaning. Cleaning fees have increased by forty percent. In addition, the distribution of bookings has shifted back towards properties that charge less. Guests prefer to pay a fixed price for a space, instead of paying hourly.

While the overall increase in cleaning fees is a cause for concern, some of the reasons behind the increase are temporary. For example, labor shortages in the US may have driven up the actual costs of cleaning. Another factor may be the fact that more hosts are using professional cleaners to manage their cleaning contracts.

One way to protect yourself from rising cleaning costs is to choose a cleaning company that has a similar pricing structure. Cleaners should also have checklists that keep them focused on the job at hand. They should also be able to provide documentation for the cleaning job.

There have been a number of Twitter users who have expressed their concerns about the high prices of cleaning services. In response, Airbnb announced that they would conduct a study on the financial impact of the company’s cleaning fees. Currently, there is a fourteen percent service fee charged on cleaning fees. That means that a host gets a share of the money as well. It is important to track the trends in cleaning fees to see if they continue to increase. If the cleaning fees are higher than the market rate, it may be a sign that a company is struggling.

As of July 1, 2020, house cleaners were paid $830 million to clean Airbnb listings in the U.S. This is an increase of forty percent from the previous year. Approximately 44 percent of Airbnb hosts reported hiring house cleaners in the next year. These guests are bringing more money into the local economy. The Airbnb user base is also expanding, allowing more Americans to travel domestically.

When choosing a cleaner for your Airbnb property, be sure to check the reviews from past travelers. Make sure that the company has a similar pricing structure and that the prices are reasonable.