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Airbnb Cleaning Services

If you’re thinking about opening an Airbnb Cleaning Services business, there are a few things you should know. First, you need to know the tax laws. This depends on the business structure, which can be an LLC or sole proprietorship. Depending on your business structure, you can also charge retainer fees or lock in repeat business. In addition, you can set up a payment plan that covers both retainer fees and one-time services.

Clean bathrooms

Many Airbnb hosts hire cleaning services to come in and clean their bathrooms. While the task may seem daunting, it is vital to make sure the bathroom is clean. Whether your Airbnb guests use it frequently or not, it is important to make sure it is free of stains and dirt. Listed below are a few tips for ensuring that your bathroom is clean. If you’d like to learn more about cleaning bathrooms, keep reading!

The first step in hiring a cleaning service is to determine the amount you’d like to charge for the service. Make sure to choose an amount that is reasonable and won’t put off potential guests. You can also include the cost of cleaning in your listing so that you can offset the cost of hiring a cleaning company. Once you’ve made this decision, you’ll need to update your reservation settings to block off enough time between cleanings so you can properly supervise your Airbnb cleaning crew.

The second step is to make sure you have clean sheets. While it’s tempting to reuse dirty sheets, it will likely be better for your guests to have fresh sheets. You can even invest in a portable linen steamer to save some money and time. Afterwards, you can check for any marks on the walls. Using sugar soap will remove marks from the wall. Once it dries, you can wipe it with a damp cloth to ensure it’s spotless.

Vacuum all floors

If you are having trouble keeping your house spotless and comfortable for your guests, you should consider hiring an Airbnb Cleaning Service. They can do a thorough cleaning of your rental property, including vacuuming all floors, sweeping covered patio areas, and mopping hard floors. Some cleaning services even spot clean carpets. In this case, they will coordinate with a carpet cleaner to remove stains. Airbnb cleaning services will also arrange the lounge room furniture so that it looks presentable for your guests. A clean and fluffy couch and center table are also essential for guest arrivals.

When hiring an Airbnb Cleaning Service, make sure to hire a high-quality vacuum with a long cord. A good vacuum with a strong cord can handle the strain of overuse. A Shark vacuum is 15 pounds, but can clean carpet, hard floors, and even ceiling corners. If you rent out your Airbnb property, you should choose one that has a 25-foot cord to allow the cleaning service to reach all corners.

Remove used sheets and linens from bedrooms

The first priority when cleaning your Airbnb is the bedroom. This room should be clean, with all of the linens changed and fresh sheets and blankets. This service can be found in many areas of your Airbnb, such as the lounge area and covered patios. It also includes vacuuming all floors, mopping hard floors and spot cleaning carpets, if needed. It will also make sure that the lounge room furniture is arranged in an organized manner. Your Airbnb cleaning service will also remove used sheets and linens from bedrooms and replace them with fresh ones.

Communication with cleaners

Communicating with your Airbnb cleaners is an essential part of ensuring they deliver a great service. You’ll be able to send them automated messages, allowing you to be proactive with your communication. You can set message rules based on your preferences, such as how long your reservation is, or what happens when a reservation gets canceled or changed. With this option, your Airbnb cleaners will always be aware of any changes in their schedule.

When communicating with your cleaners, make sure you follow the enhanced cleaning process. This is a 5-step process that will help ensure your Airbnb cleaners meet the high standards set by Airbnb. The steps in the process are clearly defined, and you must allow enough time for the cleaners to complete them. They must also wear masks and gloves. Listed properties with a cleaning process that includes the Enhanced Cleaning Protocol will be given a special call out on their listing.

When communicating with Airbnb cleaners, remember to ask for feedback from your guests. It shows that you care about their opinions and are willing to listen to their needs. It’s a good idea to ask them if there is anything you could do to improve your listing. If they do, try to take that advice into consideration and respond accordingly. This way, you’ll be able to ensure that they deliver a great service to your guests.

Turnover calendar

A Turnover calendar for Airbnb Cleaning Services helps you schedule cleaning projects based on bookings. The calendar syncs with Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and iCal calendars. You can also add cleaners as co-hosts and share the calendar with them. The cleaners can view and change the calendar at anytime. It also allows you to pay them instantly through autopay. Once they are booked and you’re ready to schedule their cleaning, you can easily add them to your calendar.

If you’re looking for a way to manage your Airbnb cleaning services, there are many online platforms that will help you do so. One of the most popular is TurnoverBNB. Like other popular freelance marketplaces, TurnoverBNB connects hosts and cleaners and provides the necessary features to make the experience a smooth one. The website is designed to be easy to use and has an intuitive interface that allows you to search for cleaners based on specific criteria.

Once you have set up the system and trained your cleaners on how to schedule Airbnb cleaning services, you’ll be able to automate the entire process. You can even schedule cleanings and send messages to cleaners from the convenience of your phone. This will help you keep track of the cleaning schedule and ensure the quality of your Airbnb services. It’s also easy to share the calendar with your cleaners, so they’ll know when to show up and make payments.


Whether to charge for Airbnb cleaning services is a question that hosts should consider carefully. In most countries, a host is responsible for 15% of the cost of cleaning, and they are free to set their own rate. However, advertising a flexible cleaning fee can lead to a never-ending discussion with guests. It’s better to ask your rivals first to get an idea of what a fair price is for your service.

Using the Airbnb app, you can compare the standard fees for cleaning around your area. Look at listing sizes and nightly prices to compare. Make sure that the prices are comparable, because low rates may indicate a higher cleaning fee and/or nightly price. Also, consider the number of hours needed for cleaning. This way, you’ll avoid paying too much. You can then set a reasonable cleaning fee that doesn’t deter guests.

Another way to calculate the average cost for cleaning is to divide the price by the number of nights booked in the space. For example, if you get three or four bookings a night, you can charge just $50. If you get five bookings in a row, you’ll have to charge $10 per night. This will cut down on the amount of cleaning required for single nights, but will make it easier for you to compete with listings that require cleaning for longer stays.