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Fleur de sel is an extremely delicate crust of sea salt that forms on the surface of the sea. It has been collected since ancient times. Traditionally, fleur de sel was used as a purgative and a salve. Today, it is used as a finishing salt. Here’s how to use it: First, you need to gather the perfect amount of the delicate crust. Second, you need to find the best way to preserve the salt. Third, remember to dry it thoroughly.

fleur de sel

Fourth, Fleur de Sel is expensive – about 100 times more expensive than “Sel Gris.” But it is worth the extra money! Unlike table salt, fleur de sel has many trace elements and a subtle aroma. The price is definitely worth it! And if you can afford it, you should try it. But it’s not cheap – it’s best to use small amounts and enjoy the taste.

Finally, be careful when buying fleur de sel. It is not uniform. It also contains a higher moisture content than common salt, meaning that it sticks together in snowflake-like crystals. Moreover, it doesn’t dissolve instantly on the tongue. Unlike common salt, fleur de sel is not sodium chloride. It contains calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. Its flavor is more complex and reminiscent of sea than of salt, so it should be bought in small quantities.

Fleur de sel is naturally obtained from seawater and is hand-crafted. It is harvested sustainably, and is therefore free of external pollution. It adds a distinct taste and texture to foods, making them healthier and more sustainable. That’s why it is a perfect addition to your daily cooking. Just remember to keep it away from your children’s reach and lick your hands! Just remember to use it sparingly – it’s not for kids!

Another great way to add an elegant finish to your food is to sprinkle fleur de sel on everything. It adds a unique, complex flavor to dishes and makes a meal a bit more special. It is also 100% natural and hand-crafted, so you can be sure it’s fresh. And it’s worth the price tag: it can cost up to a hundred times as much as ordinary table salt. But there’s no denying its taste and aroma. Luckily, it’s not that expensive, and it can even last for up to 10 years.

When it comes to using fleur de sel, the French are incredibly generous. You can sprinkle it on salads, sauces, and desserts. While it’s a natural complement for many dishes, it’s also a great accent for a variety of other foods. But the real secret to getting the most out of this seasoning is finding a source for your unique recipe. A simple pinch of fleur de sel is the best way to use this special salt.

Fleur de sel is produced by a process similar to that of producing truffles. Its unique crystals are formed by a combination of sea water and the salt crust. In order to make this salt, you have to collect it by hand using a wooden rake. It needs to be dry and sunny, with steady winds. If you can find a supplier with this process, it’s an excellent investment.

Fleur de sel is a wonderful spice for sprinkling over anything. The unique saltiness it brings is a great complement to salads. Additionally, fleur de sel tastes good when sprinkled over the top of a dish. When used sparingly, it can be sprinkled over a salad to bring out the full flavor. The French have used fleur de sesl for centuries, and it is comparable to the quality of most agricultural spices.

Fleur de sel is a delicate and expensive salt. Often a pinch will do. But a pinch of fleur de sel will make any dish taste more delicious. While it costs more than table salt, it is worth the price. Its delicate nature makes it a more costly ingredient than many other salts. Its unique flavor is a natural complement to salads, and it adds to the flavor of many dishes.