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minera dead sea salt

Minera Dead Sea Salt – A Red Hot Item For Skin Problems

There is a lot of discussion going on about minera salt and the dead sea salt. Do you know that minera dead sea salt can actually help treat psoriasis? According to published reports, about 80% of eczema patients who had undergone treatment with minera dead sea salt and other salted water solutions experienced significant improvement in their skin condition. Not only does minera salt form a major constituent of the treatment solution, it also has the soothing effect of sodium chloride. It is often used as a topical agent on the affected areas. Read on further and find out how minera dead sea salt can actually make a difference in your skin condition.

Psoriasis is a skin disease which affects almost three million people across the United States of America. In addition to the regular topical applications of topical steroids, most doctors also prescribe a supplementary salt supplement for the purpose of treating psoriasis. Most psoriasis treatments have salicylic acid as an active ingredient. The problem with most topical solutions is that they only provide temporary relief. It is very much required to implement a long term program to reduce inflammation, ease joint and muscle pain, improve the immune system and increase skin elasticity.

According to naturopaths, a key component of most psoriasis treatments including minera dead sea salt is Bromide. Bromide is known to be effective in treating all types of dermatological conditions. However, in psoriasis, it works to treat redness, inflammation and itchiness. It also helps to bring down the temperature of the skin, relax the skin cells and reduces swelling.

There are two salts form minera dead sea salt. One contains 0-1.7 mm sodium and the other contains magnesium chloride. Although both salts have positive effects on the skin, the one containing magnesium chloride exhibits quicker effects. According to doctors, this salt has been proven to be a valuable source of antioxidants. Free radicals are believed to be responsible for the damages caused by free-radicals, which in turn cause the signs of aging.

One of the interesting facts about minera dead sea salt is that its mineral content contains more than 300 different minerals. These include calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, selenium, copper and selenium. When used topically, these minerals can penetrate deep into the skin tissue and work wonders towards easing the symptoms of psoriasis.

Psoriasis sufferers reported that after using minera dead sea salt in the treatment for their psoriasis, their skin improved in appearance and felt better. Another positive effect of this mineral was the improvement of the redness and dryness caused by the psoriasis. The skin color of the patients also changed, from being reddish, to bluish in color. Apart from the skin and redness, other ailments such as joint pain, inflammation and allergies were eased. In addition to all these benefits, no side effects such as allergies or rashes occurred.

When buying minera sea salt, ensure that it is certified 100% pure. Minera Sea Salt comes in two grades; one that contains 0-1.7 mm sodium and the other contains magnesium chloride. While purchasing a product, always consider the grade of the salt. If you wish to know whether the product is pure, just pour a small drop of the liquid on a cotton bud and observe. Pure minerals will be reflected on the cotton bud.

Minera dead sea salt is widely available in health shops, pharmacies and holistic healing centers. It is also available on the internet through websites selling health supplements and related commodities. In addition to these online sources, there are many beauty salons that use this mineral in their products and claim its benefits for skin problems. If you want to get rid of skin roughness and use a product that is certified by the best laboratories, then buy minera dead sea salt.