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Robots continue to play a key role in food and consumer goods processing. This is mainly due to their ability to perform multiple tasks in an automated system without requiring human assistance, according to the Association for Advancing Automation.

Morrisons automates potato crate loading at Rushden facility in Northamptonshire

The British retailer installed two UniPaker case-loading cells from Brillopak in 2019 as part of a warehouse efficiency investment. The devices orientate packs to create neat, flat trays for packaging at a high speed and with more accuracy than human workers could achieve.

They are operated by two Omron Delta robots and rely on a degree of dexterity and rotation that would not be possible with layer-based automation systems, the company said.

D-BLADE combines cutting technology with machine vision to cut potatoes 3-5 times per second, with exceptional precision.

The first machine in the world that uses delta robots with vision to slice potatoes efficiently, D-BLADE allocates the correct cuts exactly where they are needed using patented multipurpose blade designs and machine vision.

Tasteful Selections – the largest grower, shipper and packer of bite-sized sweet potatoes in North America – relies on robotic automation to maintain its high standards for quality, flavor, freshness, and size uniformity. The company’s state-of-the-art production technology also includes a Hengstler store loader to fill its storehouses with bags of potatoes in a controlled and precise manner.

Using NSIX CVK5 3D cameras with Intel RealSense depth detection, the process automatically recognizes the exact position and orientation of each potato. This eliminates the risk of misplaced bags, which can lead to product damage and increased returns.