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If you’re looking to organize your kitchen, try some of these ideas. These include drawer dividers and a Tension rod. Then, try a few unique items. Some of these solutions are also inexpensive. For example, you can use a Pegboard, Lazy Susan, or Metal paper filer.

Tension rod

Tension rods are an excellent way to save space in the kitchen. You can use them to hang up towels, dishwashing gloves, and other cleaning supplies. Tension rods can also be used as dividers and keep the countertop and cabinets clear of clutter. They can be positioned inside cabinets and shelves.

Tension rods are also a good choice for organizing clothes. You can hang the items on them using S-hooks or a tension rod. You can also hang accessories from them, like purses, belts, and bags. If you have a small space, you can install one of these rods under the sink to keep it clear of clutter.

Tension rods are easy to install and cheap. They are versatile and can be easily adjusted. They also don’t leave any unsightly marks on walls or cabinets. In addition, you don’t have to drill into your cabinets or drawers. You can install a tension rod in any room you like and save space.

Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan is a great way to organize your pantry. Whether you need a few ingredients for a salmon dinner or to organize cosmetics, the lazy Susan rotates the items in the cabinet toward the front. It also makes for a great countertop complement to drawer organizers in the kitchen.

Lazy Susans can be purchased in many shapes and sizes, but a classic one is round. They are also great for storing cleaning supplies. Some Lazy Susans feature a tension rod under the sink, allowing you to easily access cleaning solutions and sponges. Other designs have wheels that move on a revolving platform.

If you want double the storage space, consider a two-tier Lazy Susan. This type of turntable is a great choice for most kitchen cabinets and dining room tables. It’s durable, holds up well to heat and cold, and can be easily wiped clean. Another great thing about this kind of turntable is that it can double as a coffee bar, which is a great way to use a Lazy Susan in the kitchen.


Using pegboard in your kitchen can be a smart way to maximize counter space. You can place your tools, gadgets, and other items on it to keep them in an organized way. Pegboard can also be used to hang art or craft supplies. Adding colorful accessories to your pegboard can add a splash of personality.

Pegboard is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. The most common size is 1/8-inch thick, with peg holes spaced approximately one inch apart. These small holes work well for light-weight objects, while large holes are ideal for heavier objects. If you want a more durable system, you can purchase pegboard panels of any size, with or without hooks.

You can use various hooks on pegboard, including J-hooks. They are similar in size and weight, and can be used for hanging pans and pots. You can even hang small tools like screwdrivers on them. For heavy objects, you can use larger double-arm hooks.

If you want a more organized kitchen, pegboard is a great solution. It allows you to find what you need quickly. It won’t take up cabinet space, and will give you an aesthetically pleasing display. In addition, pegboard will help you keep your cooking tools organized, which means less time spent looking for them. Additionally, you can use pegboard to store hats and scarves.

Metal paper filer

Using a metal paper filer as a smart kitchen organization solution is both smart and stylish. They allow you to store important documents in one place and have easy access to them at a later time. They can also be wall-mounted and installed inside of cabinets. These are also great for keeping track of finances.

Rolling shelves

If you have a small kitchen, rolling shelves are a great way to add storage without sacrificing space. These flexible, rolling units feature three shelves with adjustable rails to prevent items from falling. These units can be installed in between free-standing appliances or beside them. They also come with adjustable components, such as a square basket for cutlery and a cutting board rack. They also have six hooks to hang items like pots and pans.

Rolling shelves are especially useful for cabinets below the countertop, where you can easily reach items without bending over. They also make a great choice for deep, narrow cabinets. They also make it possible to store tall items such as jars. Another benefit of rolling shelves is that they can be removed in parts for easier access.

If you have limited counter space, consider adding hanging wire baskets for fruits and vegetables. This will free up valuable cabinet space. You can also use hanging baskets to store plants, which will give your countertop more room to work. Just make sure that the hanging baskets have no drainage holes.

Utensil holder

Utensil holders are a great way to organize smaller kitchen appliances and items like measuring cups and spoons. They are not only functional but stylish too. They are a great way to minimize the clutter in your kitchen and add more storage space. You can also make your own utensil caddy by using galvanized pipe straps that can be secured to small painted boards.

Tin cans can also be used to make utensil holders. These can be clamped to a wooden plank and hold silverware and serving spoons. You can also install wood spice racks to store your favorite spices. In a pinch, you can also hang your utensils on the backside of your cabinet doors.

Another great kitchen organization idea is a drawer organizer. This drawer divider is easy to install and gives you a convenient place to keep small utensils. You can choose a size that fits your drawer and is resizable. This way, you can change out the pegs to fit your specific needs.

The best kitchen organization ideas make the most of your counter space. For instance, a tiered spice organizer can free up countertop space and keep frequently used utensils handy. Also, a hanging metal ledge can hold smaller utensils and save counter space. Another clever kitchen organization idea is a wall-mount utensil holder with a paper towel dispenser. Finally, an inset storage bin can be placed on your kitchen countertop to store utensils easily. It can even be filled with hot water for convenient use.

Sliding drawer

If you’re lacking storage space in your kitchen, consider installing a sliding drawer. This clever organization solution is perfect for under-the-sink areas. It can fit around plumbing pipes and store kitchen towels, spices and cleaning supplies. You can also add a sliding trash bin, which can be tucked away out of sight.

One of the key features of a sliding drawer is the ease of access to stored items. These organizers allow you to get to pots and pans easily. They also make it easy to reach heavy pans or pots that would otherwise be hidden inside lower-level cabinetry.

Adding a drawer to your cabinet will eliminate the need to dig through cabinets and find items you need. You can also customize the drawer to fit your own personal preferences. Some homeowners use drawers as a utensil holder, knife block or other storage solutions. Others add hidden drawers to maximize the space inside of the cabinet. Hidden drawers are also ideal for flat items and seldom used kitchen items.

Sliding drawers are also useful for storing wet items. You can easily organize your cabinet by using them to store dishes, pans, baking utensils, and other things that can be easily retrieved when you need them. The drawer can even be fitted with dividers to prevent loose items from rattling around inside it.