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Pink Sea Salt is known as one of the most colorful natural salts on earth. Its color ranges from light pink to orange depending on its mineral content. It can be found in varying shades of purple and its crystal structure is composed of sodium chloride. This type of sea salt is extracted from natural deposits in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The name Pink Sea Salt came about when German geochemist Alfred Wegener discovered this type of salt in 18akura, Germany.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt has its origin in India. It is made from the fine crystals of sodium chloride found in its brine water. Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is highly valued for its excellent mineral content that includes calcium, Boron, potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron. This type of salt is mostly used as food seasoning yet is also use as a healing salt for various ailments including arthritis, muscle pain, eczema and shingles.

Most people prefer using this salty product instead of table salt. It contains a rich combination of minerals and trace elements. Its texture is soft and it melts under your tongue thus making it an enjoyable taste. As you digested it, the minerals and other nutrients are released gradually. Because of this, Himalayan pink sea salt is beneficial for our health because of its high sodium content which maintains good levels of sodium and electrolytes.

Its mineral content helps regulate blood pressure. When taken with meals, its rich sodium content helps alleviate the pressure on the blood vessels which could result to hypertension. Moreover, it increases blood flow and reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. Furthermore, studies showed that a low amount of sodium can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by as much as 40%. In addition, it reduces the occurrence of arteriosclerosis and plaque build up in the artery walls. Since it contains a large amount of potassium and calcium, it also helps keep our body muscles healthy.

It is a very good energy booster. Because of its minerals and nutrients content, Himalayan pink sea salt has the ability to improve our mental alertness and memory. It can help improve alertness as it improves circulation of the blood and minimizes water loss from our body. Aside from this, its magnesium and calcium content contribute to our physical performance.

Studies show that himalayan salt contains trace minerals such as uranium, strontium, titanium, and calcium. These trace minerals have been known for ages to increase our immune system and thereby help us fight diseases. In fact, these trace minerals are used in traditional medications since long ago. Thus, using himalayan pink salt contains several health benefits that cannot be neglected.

Moreover, a lot of pollutants and toxins accumulate in our bodies. But because this kind of sea salt does not contain any chemical contaminants, it does not add any to our body burden. Although there are no studies yet to prove that, it may lower our risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. We just have to keep in mind though that trace amounts of these minerals found in this kind of salt do contribute to our good health.

The kosher salt industry is quite sensitive because many of the consumers are using this kind of salt without thinking about its health benefits. For this reason, the kosher food industry is trying hard to convince the consumers to use this natural alternative to table salt. This effort is still in the early stages but it has already helped a lot. So far, the results are satisfactory and many consumers are now enjoying the benefits of using this natural product instead of the regular table salts.