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Salt is one of the most commonly used food additives routinely added to many dishes for flavoring, food preservation and cleaning purposes. In addition to its role in the culinary world, it is also an essential ingredient in many industrial processes and as a key component of human health.

There are many different types of salts worldwide, all with their own unique textures, colors, and uses. Often referred to as “the magic ingredient,” salt is the inexpensive wonder that takes any dish to the next level.

The most common type of salt is table salt. It is a refined product that comes from salt mines and is mainly sodium chloride. It is a great choice for seasoning and cooking because it is high in sodium and does not contain any iodine or anti-clumping agents.

Another popular type of salt is coarse sea salt. It is typically sourced from the Mediterranean and North Seas, and it can come in a variety of grain sizes.

Fleur de Sel, a rare and expensive form of sea salt that is harvested from the tops of the salt ponds in France, is a gourmet salt that enhances savory foods by adding a delicate luster to the dish.

Finishing Salts

Specialty finishing salts add texture, color and crunch to the finished dish while also enhancing its flavor. They are usually harvested by hand in specific regions and include flakes or crystals of varying shapes, textures and colors.