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In Gouverneur, Michigan, residents can enjoy a wide range of things to do. The city is centered among several large recreational opportunities, such as skiing and hiking. There are several local businesses and organizations, including a First Presbyterian Church and a LifeSavers candy roll.


The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is working to boost outdoor recreation in the state. Recently, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the creation of an Office of Outdoor Recreation Industry. Its mission is to promote outdoor activities, anticipate new recreation trends, and promote the importance of natural resource stewardship.

The state’s Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) has made a significant contribution to the recreation industry in Michigan. The fund provides funding to municipalities to improve recreational and cultural facilities. Michigan also manages parks, river access, and sports fields. These projects enhance the quality of life for local residents.

Governor Whitmer has met with representatives of outdoor recreation to discuss the state’s outdoor recreation industry. She has also announced that Michigan will join the Confluence of States this fall. This national effort is aimed at increasing public awareness of outdoor play and providing a unified voice for the industry.

Health insurance

Health insurance in Gouverneur Michigan is available through a variety of plans. The state has implemented a variety of publicly funded health care programs since the late 1990s, including a new health care program for children and a relatively generous prescription drug plan for seniors. In addition, the state has implemented a consumer dispute process. This allows enrollees to appeal claim denials or complaints within the health plan.

Health care is the largest private sector employer in Michigan, surpassing motor vehicle manufacturing. However, the industry has been facing financial struggles recently and has come under increased state regulation. As a result, providers are complaining that cost containment measures are reducing their profits. While the state is focusing on these issues, consumers should be aware that health insurance costs may continue to rise for many years.

The state Medicaid program offers health insurance for those who cannot afford private coverage. The program helps low-income individuals and families pay a sliding scale premium. This program also offers coverage for those with disabilities. It also assists pregnant women and children, and those in psychiatric hospitals. To qualify for the program, individuals must be a resident of Michigan and earn less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

First Presbyterian Church

The First Presbyterian Church in Gouverneur is a historic Presbyterian church complex. It consists of a Queen Anne style manse and Romanesque Revival style church. It was built in 1830. It is open for public tours during the week. Admission to the church is free.

Currently, the church is in need of a new building. Rev. Dr. Porter is raising money for the project through various sources, including the church’s website. The church’s librarian and archivist, Steve Hill, has provided interesting facts about the church’s past. The church had a sesquicentennial celebration in 1987. A book about this event was written by Alice Lethbridge. Harriet Lay, a former member of the church, has family members who were charter members. One of her great-grandparents was Michigan Governor Josiah Begole.

The church was organized in 1837 before Flint was incorporated. It was originally located at the River House, a home of Lewis Buckingham, the first sheriff of Genesee County. Jonathan Beach, a former aide to General George Washington, signed the Flint charter. The congregation’s history is intertwined with the history of the United States.

LifeSavers candy roll

If you want to learn more about the origin of LifeSavers, head to Gouverneur, Michigan. There, you’ll find a giant LifeSavers candy roll, a tribute to the company’s founder, Edward John Noble, who was born in Gouverneur and graduated from Yale and Syracuse University. In 1913, Noble bought the candy business from the inventor, Clarence Crane, and went on to build it into a brand name that is now known the world over.

A LifeSavers candy roll replica is visible on a monument on the village green. This was erected in 1987 by the Gouverneur Rotary Club. This candy roll is modeled after the original Pep-O-Mint flavor. The town of Gouverneur also has a museum featuring a two-headed cow that was once preserved in formaldehyde.

Although the company’s production of LifeSavers will continue to grow in Canada, the company is not planning to increase production in the U.S. This decision will affect approximately 600 jobs and the economy of the town. It will also hurt Holland’s third largest tax payer.

The first LifeSavers candy roll was made in 1912. It was peppermint-flavored at the time, but by the 1930s, the company began producing hard candy fruit rings. The first five-flavor pack was released in 1935. Today, LifeSavers are produced in more than 40 flavors. During World War II, they were often included in military field rations. They were also used in the manufacture of ammunition.

A Romanesque revival church was built on Grove Street in Gouverneur, Michigan. The city also has a public library and a day spa. The town is also home to the Kinney Drug Company, founded by Burt Kinney in 1903. It now has over 100 locations, but the original Gouverneur pharmacy is the company’s corporate headquarters. Gouverneur also features the First Presbyterian Church, a historic Presbyterian church with a Romanesque Revival church and a Queen Anne manse. The church is open to the public.