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Facebook Messenger Bots for business is transforming the advertising game right now. They totally changed the advertising game, at least for those who use them. They wield tremendous power for whatever industry you’re in, and they’re huge. Enough of the teasing.

Facebook has long been the king of online social networking, but it’s only in the last few years that it’s really come into its own as a true social networking platform. They started off as a way for college students to communicate, but it soon became clear that they were also a good way to let classmates communicate. They let people create profiles, and then they let them chat. They had instant messaging, but it wasn’t very robust. Their mobile app didn’t help much, but their new chatbot, the Facebook Messenger Bot, is changing the way we communicate on the internet.

The Facebook Messenger Bot will allow users of Facebook to chat with each other through their Facebook profile pages. It works the same way that any other chatbot would. When you sign up for a Facebook account, you give a username, a password, and a business icon. There’s a short code that you enter into your chat box that creates a unique username for each individual user. When you want to talk to one of your friends or connect with a business client, just click the chat button and say what you want to say.

The first big question was how this would translate into increased brand awareness. Since people were messaging back and forth using their personal profiles, many of them were just businesses in their own right. It didn’t matter if they sold you a product or provided services they were only a tiny, insignificant portion of a much larger social media audience. But if you have a Facebook messenger account for your business, you’re suddenly part of a much bigger audience.

When I talked with him about having a Facebook chatbot for business, he immediately knew what I meant. “What can I do now that my friend is using this awesome new service?” he said. “I thought she was working with one of those web startups!”

The chatbot is a Facebook application that enables you to have a live chat for customers, prospects, and employees all from one place. Instead of having to have multiple Facebook applications open, all running in the background, this chat application runs in the background without ever stopping. Every time someone posts a message on their Facebook wall, the Facebook messenger bots email you, saving you the time of searching for a URL. You never miss a message from a prospect, because it’s already saved in the system.

I also mentioned that Facebook’s new service would eventually be expanded to address other use cases. And not long ago, I heard one of their developers talking about how they are planning to expand their services. Right now, you can use the Facebook chatbot for Facebook groups, discussion boards, and blogs. They also plan to roll out support for Twitter soon.

So what does this mean to marketers using Facebook chatbot in their Facebook marketing campaigns? Well, first of all, like Facebook itself, Facebook messenger Bots provides a way for Facebook users to stay connected to one another. If you are an experienced marketer, you know that Facebook is the best place to connect with your fans, target new customers, and generally spread the word about your business. Now you can find new friends, reach old friends, and add new contacts through a simple bot. In my opinion, these are some of the best selling points of Facebook chatbot.